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Saturday, December 15, 2012

22nd Oath Taking Ceremony -- Top 7 response/speech

To our dear guests, visitors, parents, friends ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant morning, and congratulations.Standing here in front is like standing in a bunch of fresh ripe fruits from the farm , and in  freshly made products from the factory, ready to be delivered in the market. I smell the freshness that comes in your every smile, the relief and calmness in your faces and the excitement of becoming a part of the market, of the roster of what we call the noblest profession. We are indeed now an official  part of this family. We are now a part of the busy market where life is sea of unexpected circumstances which are inevitable on the profession we choose to become a part.

I am sure that we are here not by chance. We worked hard for it..It's a combination of perspiration and  preparation. In other words, we planned it.Whenever I am asked, "What's my secret why I landed on the 7th place?" I'll just answer them back "WTF" W means Willpower. If your really have the goal to top, then do something about it, or else it will just be a dream. No matter how busy I am, I really allot atleast an hour to review the things I ought to know. I dont really believe in luck. Succeeding somes from perspiration. Next, the T is Test taking skills. This skill is not inborn. It is learned. It's not enough to have what we call "stock knowledge". It is a product of continous reading and frequent mind exercise. I always challenge myself with analysis and rationalization.  And last but not the least, the F. It is faith. Indeed, faith is the most powerful weapon that we must have. Nothing is impossible with our Lord. He never fails to listen to a sincere heart's desire. That is why whenever they say "Ang galing ko daw", I always say "Mas magaling si Lord."  However, I realized that I should rearranged the letters to make it more positive. Instead of WTF which gives a not-so-good impression, it is better to make Faith as one of the reason why we are all here. If on the second time, somone would ask how did I passed with flying colors, I wil say "It's because of FTW like "For The Win". Faith-Test-taking Skills and Will. Whatever  it may imply, the most important is that we have overcome the hurdles that made us of what we are.Let us remind ourselves that passing the licensure examination is not the end of proving ourselves as pprofessionals. It must remind us that this is the time we are going to be shipped to the market. It's a big market. This market might offer big opportunity for us to grow and to serve.In the next few days, or months or year we are going to face the school again.

 However, the school we are going to face is different from the school we used to go few years ago. Gone are the era where teachers dominate the classrooms and textsnooks are our sylabus. Children of today lives in a digital world where interconnectivity is present, individuality is prevailing and collective learning is the trend. 21st century literacy requires creative ideas comunicated in new forms. The challenge for us, new teachers, is on how to boost children's creativity for them to respond to what the world needs. Since we have been feed by our college and universities on how to be an effective 21st century educator, I know that our roles shift into a facilitator of learning.This is a challenge. There maybe no monetary reward if we can do this, but at least, it makes us the teachers whose richness can reach eternity.Good dya and God bless us all.

me with my college classmate :)

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